A Sweet Little Family

Was blessed to have photographed this sweet little family a few weeks ago.  I work with Emily and was thrilled when she asked me to come and photograph her clan.  I’m not sure, but I suspect the littlest guy in the family keeps mom and dad on their toes, lol!  He sure kept me on his toes, but I loved it.  He reminded me of the days when my two boys (now grown young men) ran circles around me 24/7.  What I would give to re-live those days again.  So it was fun for me to get in the grass right alongside Mr. N and look at the world like he did–with wonderment and awe.  Can’t beat spending a Saturday afternoon like that!



Megan…A 2015 Lakeville North Senior

Meet Megan.  She’s another 2015 Lakeville North Senior that I had the pleasure to photograph a few weeks ago.  She is a daughter, a sister, and without a doubt, a beauty!  Her future is mapped out–she’s heading to cosmetology school this coming winter (yes, she’s finishing high school early!), but will be back in the spring to walk with her fellow students in graduation ceremonies.  I really had a great time with Megan, she blossomed before my eyes…she worked the camera like a pro.  She was game for anything; posing in front of restaurants full of hungry diners, standing at a busy corner pretending to hail a cab on a Saturday night, and, she even wore the headpiece of flowers I made just because I asked her to (they apparently are all the rage right now for seniors,  LOL)!   Thanks for a great night Megan, best of luck to you this coming year!



Chloe…2015 Lakeville North Senior

Senior year is a magical time for any young teenager, and Chloe is no exception. She is a 2015 senior (Lakeville North High School) who is getting ready to make her mark on the world! My session with Chloe was relaxed, fun, and full of lots of laughs. It was gratifying to work with a young woman who was beautiful both on the inside AND the outside. She’s got a heart for Christ and it shows in her happy, confident spirit!

A Crisp Autumn Day

It was a crisp, beautiful fall day when I met up with the Draper family for some family portraits.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to gather and celebrate the life of this beautiful family.  The love they share is noticeable, between Mom & Dad, as well as between their two little ones, Mr. B and Miss J.  Miss J is mature beyond her years (she’s only 6) and super nuturing with her little brother, and Mr. B….well, let me just say,  this little guy is a character.  His facial expressions had me cracking up as I was editing their photos!  His big hazel/green/golden eyes darted every which way so he was sure to not miss a thing going on around him.  Both the kiddies gave me so many great smiles, I had a hard time picking my favorites.  Thank you for sharing a beautiful fall day with me Draper family!

Allison {Apple Valley Portrait Photographer}

The start of this school year is an exciting one because this beautiful lady will be a SENIOR!  Allison is poised and ready to make her senior year the best ever.  She was a natural in front of the camera and was game to do anything I wanted her to do while we were out and about.  Allison, wishing you the greatest senior year ever!  Here are a few of my favorite shots. . .